I'm reviewing Java, in an effort to enhance my programming skills. I'm utilizing the book "Teach Yourself Java in 21 Days" and I'm currently learning about Java Web Start. I'm not sure I full understand how I'm supposed to use Web Start (based on the samples in the book) or even if I'm doing it right. Does anyone know of a good step by step tutorial, on Web Start, that can assist me?

Unfortunately, the title of the book you are reading says it all: "Teach yourself Java in 21 days" ...

programming in a certain language is not possible to be tought in such a limited time, especially since you teach yourself, and the reason you are 'learning' is because you don't know it.

for a decent understanding of the basics of Java, expect to be studying for about a year, not 4 hours.

Hello stultuske:
Yes, I'm fully aware I'll need to be coding for quite some time before I can call myself an expert, but my question wasn't about how long it would take. I simply need a good (comprehensive) tutorial on Java Web Start. Know of any? :)

how about trying the obvious place to look: Oracle on Java SE, where you'll also find a link to 'Tutorials'. But, seriously, I'm not talking about 'needing time to call yourself an expert', I'm more talking about 'needing time to get to know the basics'.

Trust me, there is no point of learning advanced topics, if you don't know the basics.

Yeah. I looked at what was on Oracle, but it's not comprehensive enough (at least not for the way I learn). I learn best with LOTS of examples and step-by-step guidses. I need to practice, practice, practice (not to mention access to IMMEDIATE (or close to immediate) responses to my questions).

if you need that, a book or tutorial is not what you need. You should go and look for a tutor.

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