Write, compile, and execute a C++ program to calculate the sum of the numbers from 1 to 100. The formula for calculating this sum is sum = (n/2)(2*a + (n-1)d), where n = number of terms to be added, a = the first number, and d= the difference between each number. Your program should produce the display
The sum of the number is xxxx.
where the xxxx represents a field width of four digits and should be replaced by the sum computer by the program.

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So, you have the math. Write the program!

  1    2    3    4 ....    n
  n  n-1  n-2  n-3 ....    1
n+1  n+1  n+1  n+1 ...   n+1

So ... 2 * SUM = n*(n+1)
Thus       SUM = n*(n+1)/2

Can you write code to prompt and input an integer into a variable ...
(maybe label that int variable n) ?

Show what code you can do ...
then we can see where you are at
and be able to help you from there.