How can I return to the main menu in this simple C++ program? Thanks in advance.

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()

    cout << "Main Menu" << endl;
    cout << "What would you like to read about?" << endl;
    cout << "1. Programming Paradigms" << endl;
    cout << "2. Different Programming languages, and their uses" << endl;
    cout << "3. Different C++ Features and their uses" << endl;

    char choice;
    cin >> choice;

    if (choice=='1') {
        cout << "A programming paradigm is a fundamental style of computer programming, serving as a way of building the structure and elements of computer programs. Imperative Paradigm: The language provides statements, such as assignment statements , which explicitly change the state of the memory of the computer. Functional: In this paradigm we express computations as the evaluation of mathematical functions. Logic: In this paradigm we express computation in exclusively in terms of mathematical logic. Object-Oriented: In this paradigm we associate behaviour with data-structures called objects which belong to classes which are usually structured into a hierarchy. " << endl;    
    } else if (choice=='2') {
        cout << "Java: Considered the perfect language for developers and programmers to learn. Most utilised for mobile based apps and for creating desktop applications. Python: Considered the simplest language to learn, Python is an extremely useful 'all in one' launguage. Used for anything from web animations to use interfaces. C and C#: C is a general-purpose, high-level language first implemented in 1972. It's easy to learn and handles low level activities well. C# is a highly expressive language, similar in structure to C++, C and even Java. Utilises many features not avilible in the Java language.  " << endl;
    } else if (choice=='3') {
        cout << "C++ can be used to develop new data types called 'classes'. By working with these 'classes', we can develop new libraries. Aswell as this, C++ provides templates and several templates and keywords not found in the C language, giving a wider range of useage. C++ has a huge function library and is a highly flexible language. Used for many, many things, including system software, operating systems, compilers, editors and data bases. " << endl;
    } else {


    cout << endl << "Thank you for Reading." << endl;

    return 0;

How about a while loop starting at line 7?

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