plz let me know code how to insert 2 or more aspx page records to in single database

Your question isn't very clear. Are you asking how to insert data into a database in general or are you after more specific?


sir let's say example employee information
i have been created
in first module i gave next button but when i went to second page for insertion code i cant access the first page textbox id's as well as dropdownlist id's in second page so plz let me know how to get firstpage textbox id's in next page

if you are running webforms, you can easily capture that information if you post back to the same page, then read capture the values from the target controls in your button's event handler. you can then store the information in session variables, or pass them via a querystring to the next page.

However, there are other methods.. take a look at this MSDN article (assuming webforms).
How to: Pass Values Between ASP.NET Web Forms Pages

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