Write a C++ program that performs the following task. A user is to be prompted for an integer value sum that is supposed to be in the interval 0 . . 99. If the value of sum is not in the proper interval, the only actions that should take place are displaying an error message and returning control back to the operating system.

If the value for sum is in the proper interval, the user should be prompted for a number of dimes d, a number of nickels n, and a number of pennies p. If the monetary value of the coins provided by the user equals sum, display the message "Yes" and exit the program. Otherwise display the message "No" and prompt the user one more time to enter a correct amount of coins. Name this program CountingChange.cpp

Use a function to prompt the user for the coins and return the monetary value of the coins.

This is not a code writing service. If you have code and it is giving you a problem then post the code and what the problem is. No one here is going to do your work for you.

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