Hi guys i'm new here (also VB .NET) and I am getting dialog "Overflow Exception was Unhandled" when i try to play BIG Files on my MP3 Player Code which i got off the Net, how can i solve this???? Sorry if it's a puny mistake i've made, Thanks
P.S I'm using Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate

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That error happens when you try to fit a vaue into a type that can't hold it, like putting a number over 2,147,483,647 into an integer. It won't fit, 'overflowing' and causing an error.
Your question makes it sound like this is a piece of software you are using rather than code you are trying to debug. Is that correct?

What player are you using? Have you tried other players to see if they have the same problem? Can you post the code so that we can have a look (or the link where you got it)? How big is BIG? You can't expect us to help unless you provide better information.

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The file is about 290 MB, I am not using any Player just code, It plays small sized songs real good but this error pops up when trying to play BIG Files!!

And hericles i am trying to debug the program via Visual Studio, i want a solution to this Please Help!! Should i upload the Program for you guys to help me out?? And is this error caused because of RAM??

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Of course! And while you're at it, post the value of BIG. We still haven't the faintest idea how big, BIG is.

@ddanbe - he/she said 290 meg

@IPoor - please post the code here. Google won't give me access. Ideally, zip and post the project folder.

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