I need to change this script to c# as i am writing an MVC 5 website or any suggestions on how I can write it in C# it basically takes the post data from a rfid reader and pushes it to a web url. Thanks if you can help at all

   // Uncomment this block for debug.
   // It writes the raw POST data to a file.
   $fn = "log.txt";
   $fp = fopen($fn, "a");
   $rawPostData = file_get_contents('php://input');
   fwrite($fp, date("l F d, Y, h:i A") . "," . $rawPostData . "\n"); 

   // Define the user name, password,
   // MySQL hostname and database name.
   define("DB_USER", "user");
   define("DB_PASS", "pass");
   define("DB_HOST", "mysql.myhost.com");
   define("DB_NAME", "dbname");

   // Store the POST variables.
   $readerName = $_POST[reader_name];
   $macAddress = $_POST[mac_address];
   $lineEnding = $_POST[line_ending];
   $fieldDelim = $_POST[field_delim];
   $fieldNames = $_POST[field_names];
   $fieldValues = $_POST[field_values];

   // Connect to the database.
   $con = mysql_connect(DB_HOST, DB_USER, DB_PASS);
   mysql_select_db(DB_NAME) or die( "Unable to select database");

   // Replace the field delimiter with a comma.
   str_replace($fieldDelim, ",", $fieldNames);

   // Break the field values up into rows.
   $rows = explode("\n", $fieldValues);

   // Remove the last row. It's always blank
   if (sizeof($rows)) array_pop($rows);

   $fieldNames = "reader_name,mac_address," . $fieldNames;             

   foreach ($rows as $row)
      $row = $readerName . "," . $macAddress . "," .
      $query = "INSERT INTO tags ($fieldNames) VALUES ($row)";
      echo $query . "\n";

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This is the data posted from the reader at set intervals

I havent yet done the html page!.

These are the POST variables sent by Speedway Connect:

reader_name : The name assigned to the reader in Speedway Connect
mac_address : The MAC address of the reader
line_ending : Line ending character specified in Speedway Connect
field_delim : Field delimiter character specified in Speedway Connect
field_names : A list of field names, separated by the specified delimiter
field_values : A list of field values, separated by the specified delimiter

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