help please

PART 1: Quiz Version 1, simple quiz
[100 marks]
a) Your Quiz class will need the following additional methods as shown in the instructions in (See sections marked “TODO”).

  1. void printQuizClosedMessage() [5]
  2. void close() [5]
  3. void showAttemptsRemaining() [5]
  4. void showSum() [5]
  5. void makeAttempt(int n) [30]
  6. boolean isClosed() [10]
  7. void advance() [10]
  8. void revealAnswer() [10]

If you want us to do your homework you could at least post the homework instructuions.

@Dave he did but post it as code instead of simple text

@sabata mmoledi forum rules clear state Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments so time to show some effort we are not your coding monkeys

It says the instructions are in

"as shown in the instructions in"

which is what he copy pasted underneath that.

But that is not instructions, that is just a list.

Looks like instructions to me. If there were any more instructions the teacher would be practically giving out the solutions for an assignment so simple.

It says see section marked TODO. That's not there.

The poster has to settle this disagreement - no point in us speculating about it all day long.

Dave: just because (s)he did not copy the
// TODO: implement this
for each method signature, doesn't change the fact he just copy pasted what (s)he wants us to do, so (s)he can turn it in as his/her work.

I still feel there may be more instructions than what was posted. We need the poster to confirm or deny this otherwise we cannot talk of facts.