Good Morning all,

Hopefully someone can head me in the right direction.

I know nothing about perl or cgi but have a script that I purchased and had modified by a programmer half way around the world.

He uploaded it to my development domain and the script works just fine...

I downloaded it to my local system for storage and then uploaded it to my Live/Production domain, and I get nothing but the error screen saying 500 Internal Server error.

Through some investigation I determined that it may be a permissions error, so I set the permissions to 755 as required, but still I get the 500 error.

What else should I be looking at as a possible solution to this issue?

thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the feedback. I believe I have it narrowed down to something on the server for that domain. I don't know what needs to be set on a per domain basis in relation to running perl / cgi scripts but apparently something.

I have the script running on one domain on my dedicated server.
Without changing any code (so not a scripting error)

I upload it to a different domain in ASCII mode
I ensure the permissions are 755 so it should run

But it doesn't.

Talked to server support and since it is a weekend they have a baby sitter there that doesn't know anything.. So, at this point I wait until Monday to see what it is that is causing the issue.

But thank you for your response. I bookmarked that site in case I need it in the future.


Got the resolution and forgot to post it, so here it is.

Rather embarrassing to say but it was an over sight on my part.

I did in fact set the file to 755, but in the process, I had set the the permissions on the folder that it was in to 777.

My server support pointed out the error and changed it to 755, and everything began working exactly as it was supposed to.

So, I guess Bigger isn't always Better...;-))

Dear showman13,

Thank you for the feedback. Am happy you are happy now...

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