We have QA automation jobs that invoke user interface tests in Firefox running on a virtual Linux host.

My tests perform regression, but I'm held up because of the Firefox This Connection is Untrusted warning.

My current requirement is to ignore this connection untrusted warning, which comes up when accessing an HTTPS website and i want this to be disabled through either a shell or a Perl script.

I can do this manually using the steps below, but this will not work for my current problem since the virtual Linux hosts are created dynamically on submission of automation jobs.

Go to Tools > Options > Advanced "Tab"(?) > Encryption Tab Click the "Validation" button, and uncheck the checkbox for checking validity.

Is there any Perl or shell script that disables this certificate warning?


Re: How to disable “This connection is untrusted”warning in Firefox thru script 80 80

This warning will be issued in a number of scenarios, including if the certificate is a self-signed one (not registered with a legitimate CA). They should be noted, but for testing purposes can probably be ignored, although CA spoofing is becoming a problem these days.

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