i am bca student,here is my main html page in that there is dropdownlist,in that thre r lots of root websites...n thre is textbox in that we hv to enter keyword,,,n accordind to that keyword after pressing search button it should be give me all weblinks related to that perticular keyword.hw to do this ???

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by writing the code that 'll do all this.
Just so you know, in order for the compiler to understand what it is you want your code to do, it is important that you write the correct syntax.
Just as if you want us to completely understand what you are trying to say, you should try and use all the letters of the word, don't shorten them.

this is not an sms system, you are not limited to 50 chars.

Two more things: if you just want someone to code it for you, or to point you to a prefab downloadable project, this is not the place to search.
Considering you are talking about html, perhaps the Java forum is not the best suited for your question. Maybe the JSP or JavaScript forum?


Hi kavitadc - welcome to DaniWeb.
Many of our members have English as their second or third language, so we insist that you post in clear complete English, no "text-speak" or funny abbreviations.

It's not clear from your post exactly what help you need. Please start again and explain it clearly. Take as long as you like!


I would go with stiltuske, use a scripting language instead, such as Python. In fact there are already thousands of tutorials out there of how to make a web crawler using python. If you want to look into some already existing tools, you could take a look at burp suite and owasp-zap

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