Hello Everybody, I was wondering if anyone would be generous to spend some few minutes to work on a silly algorithm about files and structures ;
a file named G containing a series of telegrams, each telegram constitute of series of words seperated by one or several spaces. the telegram ends with the word 'ENDTEL'
write an algorithm that allows ,for each telegram ,to display the text respecting the following :
1)the words displayed must be seperated by a single space.
2)the words mustn't exceed 12 caracters otherwise they will be placed hard right(to the right)
3)the text of each telegram is followed by the indication of the total number of words and the number of the words which have been shifted to the right.
4)the end of each telegram must be indicated of 'ENDTEL'.
thank you

We won't do your work for you... have you tried doing this yourself yet? Post some code with a specific question or problem, and we'll help you with that.