i have a problem with my dev c++ whenever i write a source code firstly it shows output then i made amendments in it after that it is not showing me any output. . .
can anyone tell me what is the actual problem???

Can you clarify what you mean, please? Is it that changing the source code leads to it failing to have any output at all, or is it that the output window is closing as soon as you finish the input?

I ask this because the latter problem is a known bug in the older Bloodshed Dev-C++, one which was never patched in the original. Unfortunately, that version of Dev-C++ hasn't been maintained in a decade, so not only was the bug never fixed, the IDE and the compiler bundled with it are long out of date. The solution is to instead get a newer IDE such as the Orwell Dev-C++ fork, Code::Blocks or Eclipse Luna, each of which avoids this particular bug.

If it is a problem with your code, however, then we would need to see at least the part of the program that has been changed, and a more detailed description of the change and how the program is misbehaving.

When you make changes to C/C++ code, you have to recompile the sources. Did you do that? Also, for basic C/C++ code I do not recommend the use of an IDE, but rather a good code editor and Makefile. If the code is in one file then you don't even need a Makefile - you can just compile and link it in one step.

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