Hi everyone.
I want to make a update option for my app. I have a idea how to do this but doesnt sound very logic. This is how it is:
The files are located at a drive. When download the update it download on the some folder and overwrite the files. but I'm not sure about something.
in my app there is Local and Online database (local with access database) when update the app. the local database information may be deleted. or I just have to update only a part of the files.

is there any other way how to do this?

How do you publish your application?
If you use the Visual Studio Wizard to publish it online, ClickOnce will handle updates for you and your users.

About the connection string and settings, you can just save it in another file(that will not be overriden) and the next time your app launches you can check if that file exists, read it and update the real config file.

Im planing to publish my software this weekend, or maybe by the monday.
and I have no idea ohw to publish my app. This is the first app Im going to publish so Im a bit confused, and have no ideas what options to make that are.

Can you suggest me any way?

and I did not understand very well what you meant...

I think the easiest way is to do it with ClickOnce. You will need an FTP to publish the app in, and an HTTP so your users can download it.

Each time the app launches it'll check for updates on the same path it was downloaded from. So you can just publish another version and relax.

ClickOnce it's really easy to use: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/31kztyey.aspx

If you want more control and are willing to learn it, I never used, but heard good things about NSIS: http://nsis.sourceforge.net/Main_Page

NSIS is useful for what I want?
anyway really thanks man. :D

can I get your Skype ID? can talk better there than here. (only if you want)
but still thanks

I can give you, but i'm not logging on much.

But next time use private message to ask for someone contacts =)

In anycase, in my opnion the best way to get well tought and written help is in here.

ok so here it be.
so Im sorry very much but can you explain and 1 more time everything on the some part what do I need to make a full update program?

@altjen - Please do not request help via Skype. Any answers provided through Skype would not be of use to anyone else on this forum.

altjen, I don't have much more to explain. I never used NSIS and I've only used ClickOnce once, but it's pretty straight forward. If you can install software with 'next next' you can publish it with ClickOnce.