Hi, I am multiplying two matricies in assembly. It is a 2 x 2, and as you can see they are defined down below in the code. I am also defining storate for 4 words so tht I can save the resulting matrix.
1. I declare offset fo each matrix
2. I also declare columns and rows so I can keep control of when to end everyhting.
3. The program goes through first row in matrix by using diplacement.
4. For the second matrix, the one I am multiplying it by, I am incrementing offset by column number because I want to move down a column.
5. D7 which is constant for repeat, is used becasue I need to repeat multiplication for same rown in 1st matrix.
6. The program runs fine for first loop, and once BNE L1, and it goes into the second loop, it gives me this error:

Address Error: Instruction at 1028 accessing address 1063 Execution halted

Here is an image of the problem:


Here is my code:

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r   EQU     2   ;number of rows
c   EQU     2   ;number of columns
    ORG    $1000
        MOVEA.L     #B,A1
        MOVEA.L     #D,A2

        MOVE.W      #r,D3   ;used for rows
        CLR.W       D0  ;offset for A
        CLR.W       D1  ;offset for B
        CLR.W       D2  ;offset for D
        CLR.W       D5  ;calculating the sum
        CLR.W       D6  ;calculaing the multiplication
        CLR.W       D7  ;used for number of repeats
L2      MOVE.W      #c,D4   ;used for columns mainly for first matrix 
L1      CLR.W       D5
        MOVE.W      (A0,D0.W),D5
        MULU        (A1,D1.W),D5
        ADD.W       D5,D6
        ADD.W       #1,D0
        ADD.W       #c,D1   ;we are moving down a column and thus are adding column to the offset in B
        SUB.W       #1,D4
        BNE         L1
        MOVE.W      D6,(A2,D2.W)
        ADD.W       #1,D2   ;increment counter for C
        ADD.W       #1,D7   ;increment repeat
        CMP.W       #c,D7   ;number of repeats  should be equal to column number
        BNE         RE
        CLR.W       D7      ;clear repeats because we are moving on to a new row
        CLR.W       D1      ;set offset for B to 0
        SUB.W       #1,D3   ;find out through how many rows we went through
        BNE         L2
        STOP        #$2700

RE      SUB.W      #c,D0    ;got at the beginning of a row in A
        MOVE.W      D7,D1
        CLR.W       D6
        BSR        L2

* Put program code here

    SIMHALT             ; halt simulator

* Put variables and constants here
A   DC.W    1,2,0,1
B   DC.W    1,0,2,1
D   DS.W    4

    END    START        ; last line of source

Please help!Thanks you in advance!

Could you tell us what CPU this is for, and what simulator you are using? It looks like some form of M68K assembly to me offhand, but I without knowing which simulator you are using, I couldn't exactly replicate the circumstances of the program.

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