Please calculate water bill for Mr Adnan using your program,if last month he used 18 liters of water.Tariff for every liters used in RM0.24.Tariff of RM0.12 will charge for every liters used after the water usage exceeds 12 liters.The programwill be repeated until the user enter ‘0’ liter for the water usage to stop the program.

Can you show us what code you have tried so far ... so that we can see where you need help?

Can you write out the steps you might do on paper?

1st step ... enter amount of water used in each month (in a loop so can do calculation for each next month)

ONE way to help guide you to code a solution is to use fake code like this:

loop until break out of loop:
   take in amount used
   if amount was zero break out of loop
   calculate bill
   print bill