Can any body tell me how can I detect Key press when my focus is not on the Form, Like I've Hidden The Form and I want to make it visible by pressing a single key or combination of keys I tried VBKEY case but that works fine unless I lose focus on Form?


You will need to register a global hot key and ideally unregister it when your program closes. Take a look at the following Win32 API functions:


or what you can do is use a timmer in Hidden Form when ever you lose focus of that hidden form the timmer becomes activated and then you can get back your focus on the hidden form and then you can use your key or combination of keys to unhide your form and when your form is not hidden timmer is deactivated.

If you do not unregister your hotkey before shutting down your program, you can cause a Big Blue Screen of Death. I did that a few times when I started working with HotKeys years ago.