I am trying to make use of the apache POI in my Java project in Eclipse. I previously tried using jxl but what I wanted to do didn't seem so simple with it. With jxl, all I had to do was import a jar.

I don't seem to be able to find a jar in the apache download.

Help please?


It's in the zip.


If you have a lot of different file types to work through, perhaps Apache Tika is an alternate solution to your problem. It uses POI and many others, but combines them into a single API for mimetype detection and metadata/content extraction.

Alternatively, if you're using Maven you can just add


for POI or


for Tika.

No need for manual downloads that way. You can read up on Maven in Eclipse here.

Ah. I was downloading the wrong files from the Apache website. I found the jar's in the binary download.

Thanks! :)

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