*How can one make a program autorun(that is make it begin on the start of the computer like a password program)
*What is the best way to start learning windows programming(graphical user interface)

How depends upon the operating system. If it is a simple program, then with Windows, you add it to your Start menu. If Linux, you can add it to /etc/rc.local. If it is a service, then for Windows you add it to the Services list to be autostarted. If Linux you add it to the rc.<runlevel> files with the chkconfig command (as root or sudo). Read the Linux chkconfig manpage for more details.

As for Windows programming / GUI programming, that is another topic entirely, and I suggest you create a new thread for that! :-) And good luck!

Thanks that helped....
But as for the second topic i still need your help specially

Do you want to learn windows programming (using the Win32 API), or do you want to learn how to make GUIS?

commented: pls i will like to generally learn guis +0
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