Hello Everyone.

I am wondering if anyone has any experience working with Korean characters. I attempted to find out how to split them up, but I have had no success thus far. What I was thinking is having a character like "안" and having it split up into "ㅇ", "ㅏ"and "ㄴ". I am not sure if this exists in Java. If not, then I will have to make a table myself. If anyone has any idea how to accomplish this, then some simple guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks for the help.

PS: This is just a side project in case anyone was wondering

Can you give an example of the text or if you want to split it by every occurance of "?" then you can use the split method of String

The Character class has a load of methods for dealing with complicated UniCode characters - maybe that's what you need?


I am not trying to split by every instance of a certain set of characters. I am just looking to break each of the characters apart into its components.


I took a look at the character class, but the only seemingly useful information to me was the isIdeographic method, and it does not achieve what I am looking to do, although thanks for the suggestion. I will probably be able to make some use out of that later.

Let me try re-explaining what I am trying to achieve. For example, if I have the word , I would like to split it into , the character in the top left, , the character in the top right, and , the character on the bottom (the characters that make up the word). Since Korean characters are made up by combining different characters, the entire character code changed. In order to write that character you need to write ㅈ,ㅣ,ㅂ, in order without the commas. From this website you can see how the characters are combined and given different character values. So, as I am typing the character would go from UTF-8 code: E38588 to ECA780 to ECA791. When splitting the character apart I would like to get a character array containing the characters with the codes: E38588, E385A3 and E38582. I hope this clarified a bit.

If you have any other questions then please ask.

Thank you for your help!