1. What is the format for the first line of a method?
  2. How can you view javadoc for a class?

For the (1.) I am totally understand by depending on the developer design of the method.
But how am i going to explain this since the tutor won't ask so weird question?

For the (2.), How can i exactly going to view the javadoc on a class?
If is method, it just call the method to prompt the input and the javadoc will be display.
But i can't figure it out, even though searching on internet source also non-related.

Thanks for in advanced.

And i am finally get the answer for these two question.
The first line of method which mean is referring to the signature of the method, just kindly breif the format of it.
For the second question is kindly view from the source code, perhaps Java Doc online will do.

But I have another problem as well.
What means if a class inherits a method?

also, do realize: this are Java related questions. the answers don't vary if you were to change from IDE. The fact that you are using BlueJ does not impact this at all.

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