guys help me what are the possibly software deveopment to be used if i create an online virtual home designing? c++,java or please answer my question..please please

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i proposed a title for my thesis which is online virtual home designing but i do not know what are the possibly software to be used., i only familiarize the, java and c++. please help me guys im from philippines.

If you are doing this as an online project, then for the server use PHP, and DO use it as a C++ like object oriented language! On the client, you will probable use javascript graphics tools to handle the rendering. The server will emit the javascript to the client, with appropriate variables and function arguments filled in by the PHP classes you write for the server. You should not need C, C++, Java,, et al for this. PHP, javascript, and HTML should work well for this.

the second problem is our college dean want us to put a measurement on the home design like 100sq is just like a creating a floor plan design..instead meeting of architect all you need to do is to create your own design for your dream PHP, JAVASCRIPT and HTML work for this all well?

Those are typically the tools you use to develop web applications like this. PHP on the server side handles the "heavy lifting". Javascript on the client will handle most of the graphics (there are a lot of JS graphics tools out there, some of which are google's), and HTML will help deal with the user input, buttons, lists, etc. You have a great deal to learn to accomplish this project. Time to get started! :-)

thanks for the informative information rubberman..i owe you everything if i done my thesis :)

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