I am working of a PDF to image converstion. I found ghostscriptsharp which is a c# wrapper written for ghostscript. I used it and developed my application. Most thing if not all worked fine when i was testing with my console application.

After I integrated it into the webapp It just would not work. A quick search on the internet pointed me towards permission issues and framework incompatibility. but i have ruled them out.

gs32dll is there in my webapplications bin folder. so no problems there either.

The webapplication is one project (webappLive)
ghostscriptsharp is also a seperate project (GhostscriptSharp) - this has all the DLLImport and stuff
one project will consume the GhostscriptSharp (GHInterface) - just calls the GhostscriptSharp

Any help suggestions will be appretiated.

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After I integrated it into the webapp It just would not work.

What exactly does that mean? It doesn't do anything, you get exceptions, what doesn't work?


I meant the ghostscript functionality. It gave me a ghostscript conversion exception. thats all the information it throws.

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