Is there any place where you can find a complete list of python commands?

I have googled and skimed through the tutorial and I can't find any place where I can find a complete list of python commands and examples on how to use them?

If there isn't one I suggest that we make one!

We create a wiki where anyone can post a command and an example to go with it!

For example:


1.) print
Used to display text

Example: print "hello world"
Result: hello world

Any ideas on how to do this? Comments? Opinions?

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The problem with the standard helpfile at:
is the lack of examples. The few examples given are dreadful at best, and many are littered with those blurring >>> prompts.

Yes, a wiki with helpful code snippets would be very nice. However, you need a good way to reference and crossreference. The other way would be to doctor up the lib.html file and the indexing.

There are some languages out there that have excellent help files with lots of sample code. Look at Ruby, BCX basic, and I understand Borland C++ has a good one too.

Currently I don't have the resources or the experience to set up a wiki.....maybe one day...

Thanks for the web site, it is better than what I was dealing with.

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