Hi all,
i am doing my project. i need one search box to find something i write in the box, how can i code that?
its very important please help

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What have you tried so far? Where is your attempt?

To give you a start, check out How to Open ADO Connection and Recordset, this will show you how to connect to a database using ADO and how to open a recordset which will contain records from the database based on a query. It isn't a complete tutorial as it is missing some pieces such as moving through the recordset, but it will get you going. Then post back the code that you have tried and we will be able to help you further.


thanks i advance for the answer
i have linked a database with ado now how can i get a record from a field in a table? via box or via combo? and how? my db has tables and they have feilds, now i want to enter a record to the box and it show me the result how?

What code do you have so far that demonstrates what you are tyring to achieve?

i don't know exactly what to do i will upload you a picture this picture i have linked the textbox to a datafild, now when i want to click on serach it should show me the result in the next textbox.


Maybe you could check out this tutorial: Visual Basic and ADO Tutorial. I don't have access to VB6 so cannot provide a decent example, but hopefully the linked tutorial will give you a good start.


Ok thanks alot

i figured it out and found the solotion like this:
'Adodcdsearch.Recordset.Find "[Name]='" & txtdsearch.Text & "'"
this was the code i was searching for.
thank you guys.

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