Could anyone help me to write a digital clock in C++ (with some charachters,i mean the time numbers should be made by charachters)?
i'm confused

Not enough information, can you be more specific?

i need to write a program in Visual C++(the console part).
The program is Digital clock.
that Digital clock should be written as a special way.
I mean it shouldn't be showed by just numbers
there should be a charachter in that to make the numbers
then i should mage a digital clock by those characheristic numbers?
forexample for number 3 i should make number 3 by some charachters. you said the same thing with more words, and it's still not enough information. Please post an example of the expected output of this program.

An example (of 3 perhaps) would be useful.

Do you mean something like this(example 3)?




forget about all these
could u just help me to write Digital clock in Visual C++?

Perhaps have a look here for the conversion.

what you want to do , first try it your self