i am doing this gpa java program where I have to implement two method, one called calgpa and the next calqualitypoints, and i have also have to put in two java arrays one for the numbers of courses and the other for whats graded 

the problem my program is giving me a runtime error and ah cyah seem to figure out how, why and where 

here is the program

public static int calGpa(int totalcredit, int totalqpt) 
            int totalnumqpts = 0, totalnumcredits = 0, gpa;

            gpa = (totalnumqpts / totalnumcredits);

            return gpa;
    public static double calQualityPoints (double qpt) 
        double  usercode = 0, qpts = 0;  

        if(usercode == 1)
            qpts = 4 * 3;
        else if(usercode == 2)
            qpts = 3.5 * 3;
        else if(usercode == 3)
            qpts = 3.0 * 3;
        else if(usercode == 4)
            qpts = 2.5 * 3;
        else if(usercode == 5)
            qpts = 2 * 3;
        else if(usercode == 6)
            qpts = 1.5 * 3;
        else if(usercode == 7)
            qpts = 1* 3;
        else if(usercode == 8)
            qpts = 0 * 3;

        return qpts;
        //implementing methods

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        Scanner kbd = new Scanner (System.in);

            String studfirstname, studlastname;
            int studidnum;
            int acyear,  grde =0;
            int semesterno = 2;
            int numcourses, counter;
            String coursecode;
            int coursecred, gpa = 0;
            int grdesrec =0;
            double totalcred = 0 ;
            int grdecode, qpts =0, grdepts, totalcredits = 0, totalqpt =0;
            double gpacal, cqpts;

            System.out.println("please enter the student first name and last name ");// prompt for student first name
            studfirstname = kbd.next();

            System.out.println("please enter student id number"); //prompt for student id number
            studidnum = kbd.nextInt();

            System.out.println("please enter academic year");// generate the academic year
            acyear = kbd.nextInt();

            System.out.println("please enter semester number");//prompt for the number of semester
            semesterno = kbd.nextInt();

            System.out.println("please enter the number of courses taken");// asking for the number of course will be taken
            numcourses = kbd.nextInt(); this is where the program would stop and ah wud get the runtime error
            //prompting for student information-.


            gpacal=calGpa(totalcredits,totalqpt); did I called the method correctly is the calculation wrong  or something 
            cqpts = calQualityPoints (qpts); this is where I would get a runtime error

            // prompting for the course informtion below
            System.out.println("please enter your course code");// need course code
            coursecode = kbd.next();

much thank for the help
so I am wondering if i did the method calculation wrong
did i called the method correctly
what is the correct way to implement array into this program. this is what i have to do

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Hi divinity02
I think you have been around DaniWeb long enmough now to know IF YOU HAVE A RUNTIME ERROR, POST THE ERROR MESSAGE!!!

sorry j will do in a while

please enter the student first name and last name 
please enter student id number
please enter academic year
please enter semester number
please enter the number of courses taken
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero
    at luana_gpa.Luana_gpa.calGpa(Luana_gpa.java:18)
    at luana_gpa.Luana_gpa.main(Luana_gpa.java:97)
Java Result: 1
BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 17 seconds)

this is the runtime error am gettinh

OK, that's better. The line numbers do not match your post, but I guess line 18 is

gpa = (totalnumqpts / totalnumcredits);

in which case totalnumcredits must be zero, you probably forgot to maintain or calculate that.

why do i have to initialize usercode

You have to initialise every variable before you use it.

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