I have windows7 64bit
I am trying to install borland delphi 6
my Problem is when I run the program , the next message appear:
and when I press (run program),the next message appear:

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run the installing in admin mode that would fix it but better option would be to install a VM of windows xp and run it would fix it with out need of doing settings change to your main OS also handy for restoring.

I would also try and use delphi 7 much better then 6 but ofc always using the lastest version is a good thing to.

Try installing it in something other than the default installation location; i.e. something like c:\olderprogams. I would choose a path that does not include any spaces.

I'm running D7 on Win8.1 (and also ran on Win7) by installing to a different location.

For example, I installed to C:\Delphi7 instead of C:\Program Files(x86)\Delphi7. Worked perfectly.

best place to install any old app is the appdata folder has that dont need admin or other accounts.

You can either upgrade your Delphi 6 or reinstall Windows 7 downgraded to 32bit installation to avoid further problems.

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