I have to do this with "for" and "while" loop in c++ but no idea how

print all numbers between 10000 and 100 which are devisible with 5 and 9 but not with 2

any help suggestion advice or anything is needed urgently this is too complicated for me heelp

the only thing i have on mind is to do

    for(int i=10000;i>=100;i--){


but no idea how to do the conditions am i write or wrong

oh i did this1 but i have 2 more
1. add number with cin and and collect all even numbers lower than the entered number
2. enter 2 numbers x an y with cin and print all numbers between the x and y which r divisable with 3
suggestions pls

To divide You may apply the condition like :

if(i%5==0 && i%9==0)

&& operator will help you to execute this statement if both of the conditions are true otherwise it may execute the else part where u can place an invalid message if the number is divisble by 2.

void display()
for (int i=100;i<100001;i++)
if (i%5==0 %% i%9==0)

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