Hi all,
I am developing a Qt Gui application. Here I have a Qtreeewidget that has a list of Qtreeewidgetitems. I also have a qtablewidget beside it which displays some information when any item present in the list is clicked/selected.When the content of any of the cell in the tablewidget is changed by the user I want to display some indication (like an asterisk beside the treewidget item) to indicate that this current value is not saved yet.currently I dont see any method which lets me add a special character beside the items. How do i go about achieving this? Any hints or suggestions would be helpful :)

You could use your own items inheriting from QTreeWidgetItem. There you can put such magic into your data() implementation. You would add the asterisk when data() is asked to return information for the DisplayRole. You will have to add the dirty flag to the model behind your table widget.