im new to java and this is my first assignment can anyone help me solving it:

 compile the class final grades, based on the students’ scores obtained in the classwork, mid-term, and final exams. According to the course syllabus, the classwork accounts for 65%, the mid-term exam accounts for 15% and the final exam account for 20% of the total class score. 


b.  Students’ grade (A, B, C, D or F)
c.  Class average (sum of all students’ average score divided by total number of students)
d.  Highest students’ average score
e.  Pass rate (total number of students who passed divided by the total number of students)

-   Grading: Assume the following grade scale: 90% - 100% (A); 80% - 89.99% (B)70% - 79.99% (C); 60% - 69.99 % (D); and 0 – 59.99% (F). Also, as per the course policy, if the student achieves less than 55% in the final exam, he will fail the course even if the average score is above 60%.
-   Input Data: You may assume the following input data. Please note that the scores correspond to classwork, midterm and final exam scores, respectively (in this order).
Naji    Hasan   90  85  87
Lisa    Smith   80  67  70
Andy    Malik   75  80  52
Ravi    Gupta   90  95  98
Dave    Blair   50  61  70
Sara    Clark   70  65  81
Sami    Moosa   55  50  71
Imed    Radhi   90  83  89
Kira    Sunny   65  70  69
Hind    Ahmed   70  81  88

You must use arrays to store each of the above records. 

i only need the pseduo code for this one please do help

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Post what you have done so far and someone will help you from there.

i will uplload what have i done, and thanks for telling me ^^

this is what i got so far and im not sure about it 


Import A, B, C, D,F


score = round(score)     
if score >= 90: return 'A'     
elselif score >= 80: return 'B'     
elselif score >= 70: return 'C'     
elselif score >= 60: return 'D'     
else: return 'F'

end if


So far so good... Those pieces of pseudo-code do relate to parts of the specification, so it's a good start. Now look through the rest of the spec and see how you can pseudo-code solutions for those steps,
eg You have been given a load of data for the student names & scores. Think about where and how you will include those in your program.

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