Hi ,

i need some help in completing a small task . " How to insert,update,delete record in data grid view using inline i.e (suppose if we update a record in the data grid then after click on the next row the data which is updated should be save directly to the sql server database ).
i already surfed so many pages but i didnt get what i want

1 max 25 developer
2 rex 36 team lead

if u check the above table suppose if a made any changes to the name "max " to "rambo" then after clicking on the next row it should be directly updated to data base like wise insert and delete to .

Thanks in advance

Re: How to insert,update,delete data in datagrid view using c#(inline) 80 80

I'd start by putting the database update logic into a few key events for the DGV, such as Validating. But keep in mind that with a real-time update, you need to be very robust in handling DGV errors.

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