Hello, again, people.

You helped me to install Python on my Desktop, and now I cannot
get it running on my Laptop… same as the Desktop… Win 7, 32-bit, SP1.
I think I did the same procedures, but it wouldn’t work.
So, I UN-installed Python. Then re-installed it. Same problems…

Tried to install LXML… it said…
“Using cached lxml-3.4.4.tar.gz” and “Building without Cython” and “ERROR: b”’xslt-config’ is not recognized as an internal or external command… etc…
Then, many “copying” messages, and a warning, then an error: MS Visual C++ is required (Unable to find vcvarsall.bat). Then a Long message ending with some “compile” failed with error code 1 in” … some file.

Any ideas as to Why this is happening?

Thanks, people.

Of course, I can provide more detailed info if needed, but I think that those are relatively generic messages. Need more specific info?

lxml need to be compiled,and for Python3.4 you most have Visual Studio C++ 2010(Windows).
But there is an easier way,go to Gohlke pre-compiled wheel.
Download lxml‑3.4.4‑cp34‑none‑win32.whl place it in C:\python34\Scripts folder.
Start cmd navigate to C:\python34\Scripts folder.
Then do pip install lxml‑3.4.4‑cp34‑none‑win32.whl.
As info so is pip pre-install(Scripts folder) on Python3.4.

Microsoft Windows [Versjon 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. Med enerett.


C:\>cd python34\scripts

C:\Python34\Scripts>pip install lxml-3.4.4-cp34-none-win32.whl
Unpacking c:\python34\scripts\lxml-3.4.4-cp34-none-win32.whl
Installing collected packages: lxml
Successfully installed lxml
Cleaning up...


what are the error msgs? I tried installing it and needed to set up a PATH for it to word.

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