I got some issues with Syntax error for my insert statement.

I can read access database without any issues.

I tried to put in all data as simple string but still not working.

Executing in Access works fine though.

Please help.

cmd.CommandText = "INSERT INTO POSITION (positionID,stockSymbol,stockName,cashTransaction,lastUpdate,initialQuantity,initialValue,currentQuantity,currentValue,positionStatus) VALUES ('2','2','2','2','2','2','2','2','2','2')"



cmd.CommandText = "INSERT INTO POSITION " &
    "(positionID,stockSymbol,stockName,cashTransaction," &
    "lastUpdate,initialQuantity,initialValue,currentQuantity," &
    "currentValue,positionStatus)" &
    " VALUES (2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2)"

You don't need quotes around numeric values.

Your INSERT statement looks good, but you do have to wrap your values according to the data type you have it stored as in your database. For example:

cmd.CommandText = "INSERT INTO DATATABLE (ID,someString,someDate,someNumber) VALUES (2,'2',#11/23/2015#,16)"

A date value needs # around the value, a string needs single quotes ', and integers and IDs do not need the single quotes.

Just an additional note: if using OleDB then your queries will need to have '?' instead of a paramter name.

For example:

cmd.CommandText="INSERT INTO tblMyTable (someString,someDate,someNumber) VALUES (?,?,?)"


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