hii frnds
Need Help i am work on vb.net windows application now in my application there are on update button but simply if u update the record then first delete the record then insert that's update there record but i check if E_id and E_code same then msg show data are allready exists and if e_id same but E_code DIFFRENT THEN RECORD UPDATE AND E_ID AND e-cODE DIFFRENT THEN new data insert pls help me give me code in vb.net window application E-id is unique

Why are you deleting and inserting just to do an update? Simply update, that's what it is there for. Without knowing your database schema I would think that by deleting the record you're breaking some relations. Are there other tables that refer to the E_ID or E_CODE? If that is the case and you have foreign key relations in place that is why you would be getting the error.

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