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I'm having a problem here, I created this project and because of Access denial I was prompted to use the manifest to make my app run accordingly, but changing the manifest value from "asInvoker" to "requireAdministrator" helped solving that problem up to a point where I had to publish my project and error "ClickOnce does not support 'requireAdministrator'".

How can I run my project as admin or maybe on startup the project will prompt for admin then run as admin?

I have looked at some other project, I first saw a C# example that's does this but when I tried to convert it I got error using online C# to VB converters, and luckily I found a VB.NET but the sample was made for Vista OS and its uses a module.


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You could go for Properties while marking your application with right mouse button, then go for Compatibility, there should be a checkbox for administrator permissions, check it, and every time you start this application, will require administrator permissions, regardless of your manifest.

Is this what you requested?

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Thanks, I've also saw another post with the same answer but my problem is how to locate that campatibility, mean, where my I go to reach that, I've tried looking for it under properties of my project but I didn't find it.


I came across this item that I used on my old laptop in 2014 to create shortcuts with elevated rights. It worked well and was much easier to use than the manual process I linked you to earlier.

That utility just automates the manual process (creates a Task Scheduler entry with elevated rights).

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