I am caputing sound from a codec using a microcontroller and sending it over to the laptop using a serial port .Now I want to use this buffer of values to regenerate the captured sound in Windows using C/C++. I have no idea about how to do it?Can some one please tell me... Thanks

This is not a trivial subject. You are getting the raw data, which I assume you have captured in Windows. How is the data encoded?

The data is not encoded. But what I read is that if the data is normalized ie if it ranges between +1.0 to -1.0 then it can be converted ino PCM data. Then we can use waveout..() functions to play the files. How do I use a simple form of waveout functions. Can someone tell me.

First decide which encoding format you want..(WAV is the obvious choice always)

Second read that how data is encoded in that format.

Implement that encoding format in your C program

Write data into a file in that encoded format from that C program & with .wav extention

Finally write a script file to play that in any player or call any wapper library function to play that tune.