i'm using jBuilder 9 interprise and i need to know how to create en .exe and i'm having a trial version so the help isn't available..can anyone help please??

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You mean you want to know how to create a jar executable?

I don't know if the trial version has the capabillity, nor if it's available in JB9.
There's a project target you can add in JB2005 for creating a native executable wrapper (and I had to look that up, I never had a need for it and don't think I ever will, executable jars are far better).

well ..first i wanted to create an executable file but i've read about that matter and till now it seems i can only create .jar but i still don't know how??:S

thnkx for advice
but why jars are better for??

they're platform independent and small, meaning they run everywhere and are easy to distribute.

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