been scouring google for nearly a month now trying to find something.
now as the requirement grows, I need more help tryingto find something.

Portable Python is what I'm currently using, but alot of my developers (including myself) don't like the Wine wrapper...
Pyzo supports linux mac and win, but it's python34 meaning my PyOpenGL application will run slower.

anyone know where I could get portable python27 interpreters for all platforms??

the famous Why:
my program includes all of it's dependencies at those specific versions (because updates kill outdates)
so I don't want to have to force my users to have to download every dependency my program needs just to recieve an error because I'm using an outdated method or something.
not to mention, I've cleaned up my distro and it's dependencies so the amount of space taken is alot less than if you were to normally install it.

I'm basically trying to freeze my distro in it's time, I don't expect any outside dependencies except core dependencies, which updates there shouldn't break my distro.

and the other famous what about:
no I don't need to copy the dependencies between interpreters.
like I said I've cleaned it up, Portable Python only takes up 18MB of space while the Lib/ directory has been integrated with my program and added to the sys.path.
note: this means you can't import os or any other module except sys until the integrated directory is added to the path.

what other interpreters are out there that meet my needs??
if somebody could build them, please do, I can't compile anything other than crummy C#... heh
(yes, I do follow the directions and everything, it doesn't matter what I do, it just won't compile)
^ just tried compiling native GLFW3 a while back and it wouldn't compile... so eventually I found a deb which installed a working binary.

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Given the story, compile your script? Here's a link where they cover that for many OSes. Windows, Linux and others.

Lots of interesting stuff there but for me is this claim:

I've created a presentation that gathers the process from compiling your python sources to package them for every platform (last slide contain links to more detailed instructions)

PS. Why I think compile is the answer is that it's your code and not their code. Since you are going to freeze it, then your code gets frozen too.

oh yea... probably should have mentioned I wanted everyone to see and edit my code...
for the fact that my program is already fully extendable:
- scripts
- libs (for scripts)
- extensions (for libs and the API)
- API plugins
- API mods

I don't think my program could be any more extendable :P

A few src folders should fix that.

If they want to install some IDE and such, you could share what your favorites are.

Or chuck the entire idea and put the whole thing on the web. IDE, user spaces, forums, etc.

no thanks, I intend to keep the Pure-Open-Source medal :P

to add though, it makes editing easy with the fact there's no need to take that extra step and compile...
all I really need is a few raw interpreters, it can't be THAT difficult to ask for... heh

to note though, I've been working on this project for a few years with just the PPy27 interpreter.
it works well except for on mac (I'm using it on Linux and WinXP)

speaking of WinXP, that's another reason I don't want to get Python3... they're dropping XP support.
(I've stated time and time again, I refuse to develop for or test on the newer, more-dangerous and automated kernels)
^ I'm saying that out of hacking experience, not just passing the buck. (I will never trust MS's "big red button")

so yea, if Python dropps XP support, I'm left in the dark on Windows performance, and everyone running windows may get errors.
(I'm not using restricted windows features, so if anyone should get an error, I should get it too)

Here, XP dropped out about 2 or so years back. Our clients were not running XP so it was an easy move. There are long discussions about that old OS, but for me I was glad to see it go. Lost count of the ghost hunts as we tracked it back to the OS being hit by the user with registry cleaning or just an OS that had been running for a decade and a reload fixed it and our apps.

As to performance, since machines have been ramping up in performance for years any loss in interpreter performance must be more than made up for moves forward in the CPU area. And with your goals, why not let it lag a little on old gear?

Nothing much I can add to this but good hunting.

alright thanks for the input :)

as for windows, all I have to say is MS took a few doezen stupid pills and OD'd before writing anything Vista and up with the idea to control everyone.
(I want no part in their user control, which is the main reason why I still use XP)

and of course they're not going to tell you they've built a RAT into the kernel and are going to deny every claim...
why would they admit to such malicious implementations if they're trying to basically rob you, just to rob you again a few years later.
I F-ing hate Microsoft and everything they've done since Bill Gates retired.
(he still works there, but at a lower level)

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