Ive been having this issue for quite a long time. When coding in Java my IDE (Eclipse) will not allow me to create JAR file.

Ive googled quite alot only to see there is no direct solution to this and the causing factor may be Win8.1. I thought - ok no problem. Got myself a VirtualBox, scrapped Manjaro (Arch derrativate) and installed Eclipse from pacman (brand new edition), imported project. It runs ok, when I try to create JAR, it crashes. Logfile (var/log/eclipse/jarfile.log) is empty.

Any suggestions?

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What do you mean "will not allow me"? Is there an error message? What does your jar spec look like?

This is weird, could you show us the console please?

console shows nothing.

Exactly which version of Eclipse have you installed, and exactly which version of Java?

Eclipse from June - Mars :)
Java 8

how do you see eclipse crashes while creating a jar if you don't get an error in your console?
is there any indication there's something wrong?

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