isnt it an good idea to make an sticky where everyone can post,
simple examples?

or mini tuts
to get peaple started with asm?

like this an masm example:

.model small


main proc

    mov ah,1    ; dos int 21 interupt ah =1 to 
    int 21h     ; get char from standard input with echo result in al.

    mov ah,4ch  ; program exit
    int 21h
main endp
end main

You really don't have enough for a useful snippet. It doesn't do anything! Takes input then terminates!
And you need more comprehensive comments. Something more like...

; Get a character from input with echo in al
    mov ah,1    ; CMD: Get single char 
    int 21h     ; DOS interrupt .
             ; al = char

     mov ah,4ch  ; program exit
    int 21h     ; DOS interrupt

yes but its just an example to show what i mean

The snippets place in DaniWeb it's a good place, but i will like if we sticky a post for the beginners(like me).