I have a requirement to generate an auto ticket/email when it's time for a scheduled task to be done and it should repeat again when it's time for performing the task.

Could you please help me with the script/how this can be done

I'm gathering the information to a table Task category,task summary and creation date.

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What sort of things have you already done? What steps do you take to do this manually, if you are doing it already? What software are you using already to generate the ticket?


I have the task type , task summary and creation date collected in a oracle table. I can take care of the ticketing thing..so I need to logic/script to trigger an automatic email/ticket when its time to perform the task


What operating system are you using? Linux and Mac have a utility called crontab which allows you to schedule things on certain time frames, up to once a minute. That can take care of the scheduling. If you are on Windows, you can use the Task Scheduler, AT or SchTasks, depending on version.

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