Hi guys,

I have written a program which currently accumalates different pairs and their frequency from an excel spreadsheet. (1280 pairs)

Want I want to achieve is from the top 20/30 pairs, if I can find pairs that link e.g. Pair 1 [1,33] and Pair 100 [1,232] so i would expect that to be a link.

With that link i want to be able to merge it so the the value becomes e.g. [33,1,232] before continue to find any more.

My find outcome should be a set of 10 numbers which are linked together by thier pairs.

Anyone one have any ideas, would apreciate it?

Kind Regards.

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Could you elaborate on what exactly you mean by a "pair" and a "pair that links"?

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Could you elaborate on what exactly you mean by a "pair" and a "pair that links"?

So my excel spread contains several lines of numbers. For each line I get the amount of possible pairs there could be so if a line is 1,2,3,4,5 Then the pairs would be [1,2],[1,3],[1,4] and so on. I add these to a tuple list which include and int value for the number of times it has appeard. If i find a the same pair on the next line then i just increase and int value.

So now i have ended up with 100s of these and want to find within the top 20/30 if some of these pairs can join by either value it contains. I.E [1,2] would connect to [1,3] becuase of the value of 1.

I sussed it out.

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