I have a problem whereas one domain is redirecting to another domain, both of which I own. How can I get one domain independent of the other ?

It is hosted by my host, if that is what you're asking or are you asking the name of the host ? I asked the question I asked in hopes I can, using cPanel have some control over this ?


First ensure you have a hosting package for both domains.
Then, find out how the redirect is being done (.htaccess, javascript on a page, set up through cPanel etc) and cancel it.

I have access to htaccess and cPanel; although I don't have a hosting package for two domain that may cost double the price, that is unless I don't need to and there is a way I can do it ?

You usually have to pay for hosting of each domain but your provider may offer addon domains or something similar (depending on your webhost and plan).
I'd suggest contacting your webhost and asking them if they offer anything similar to this.

Thanks, wanted to see what my options were !