Can anyone help me out with abit of code that will detect the location of any exe file on a hard drive / cd?

am trying to build a simple exe launcher thanks.

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If all you want to do is to launch the app then the easiest way is not to find it at all. Just lauch the EXE without specifying its path (for example, Notepad.exe rather than c:\blah\blah\blah\Notepad.exe) and let the OS find it for you. If the EXE is in your path this should work and is worth a try to avoid a possible delay whilst you search for the exe.

If you do have to search for the EXE just remember that an EXE is just a file so you could to use FindFirst and FindNext to locate it. There are many examples out there. A reasonable place to start is

Ya I done that mate but this is for searching for game .exes and not everyone installs there games to same folder so need way to find the files I checked out the link you shared and tried it out but dont seam to work it locks up my test app.

Post the code you tried.

its ok I find a other way around it thanks for the help mate

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