Write a Java™ application using NetBeans™ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that calculates the total annual compensation of a salesperson. Consider the following factors:

A salesperson will earn a fixed salary of 60,000 dollars.
A salesperson will also receive a commission as a sales incentive. Commission is a percentage of the salesperson’s annual sales. The current commission is 5 percent of total sales.
The total annual compensation is the fixed salary plus the commission earned.

The Java™ application should meet these technical requirements:

The application should have at least one class, in addition to the application’s controlling class (a controlling class is where the main function resides).
There should be proper documentation in the source code.
The application should ask the user to enter annual sales, and it should display the total annual compensation.

sclansing68: So far you have posted your assignment. Do you have any specific questions about them? If you want us to provide you with custom made code for this: we won't.

It's a quite easy assignment, and it is meant to teach you how to start writing your own code, not how to copy paste it.

I don't know where you are studying Java, but it's obvious your teacher is more comfortable with other languages, or he would 've known Java has methods, not functions.

Anyway, a good way to start is: split the assignment in small tasks. Look at the assignment itself: the nouns will be your classes and their (data)members, while the verbs will be actions you can perform on them.

We don't know whether you need to use certain components (inheritance, interfaces, conditional structures, ... )
so either way, it's best for you to start. Once you get stuck somewhere, just post the relevant code here with any relevant error messages/stack traces or a description of what it should do and what it is doing.

You just copy/pasted your assignment without even a moment taken to explain what help you need. That's highly disrepestectful to the many people who give their time to help others here.

There are lots of people here who will freely give their time to help you become the best Java programmer you can be. There's nobody here who is interested in helping you cheat or doing your homework for you.

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Post what you have done so far and someone will help you from there.