I have DatagridView on form.

My database has three fields.
- userId (bigint)
- userName (varchar)
- userDob (date)

Now, on Form I have comboBox, which lists Months (Jan, Feb, March and so on...). I want my program to work like this.

If I select any month on ComboBox, birthdays of clients related to that month should only be displayed in DatagridView. Help me how to do it.

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add this to your query.

where userDob like '"+cbYear.Text+"-"+cbMonth.Text+"-%' order by userDob

example output: `where userDob like '2015-01-%' order by userDob`

the format of date is `yyyy-MM-dd`:

for `yyyy` represent 4 digit year.
    `MM` represent 2 digit month.
    `dd` represent 2 digit day.

Happy Programming and God Bless you.

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If this is SQL Server then you could use the DATENAME method:

SELECT * FROM YourTable where DATENAME(month, YourDateField) = 'July'

In this way, you can select all records that match a month regardless of year which is what I believe you want.

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May be this will solve my problem... I'll try this code ASAP
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