Hi Dw.

I know how to kill or stop a process using VB.NET. But how about temporary blocking a process from performing a task?

Suppose I have a docx file located at "D:\test\" and I happen to open this file and modify it either by adding something or delete some texts inside and I try to save now, how can I temporary stop it from saving till some conditions are met, something like when you try to run an app that require admin privilege the app don't just start right away but first you double click it, then the app is temp blocked and a Windows security Admin elevation screen pops up and ask you to run or cancel if you click run then the app is allowed else some are allowed to run but all the features that require elevated privileges will be discarded or app produce error when trying to perform a task requiring elevated admin privileges.

So my question is that, how to do something like this in VB.NET, which APIs to use if required in order to do this kind of process block/Allow task in VB.NET.

Well I guess VB.NET isn't capable of developing a sort of UAC to allow/deny execution of programs, I will ask Java or C++ but C++ is out of my understand. This will remain unsolved till I find solution on other post and link the solution here for someone who might have the same problem.

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