Hi Dw.

I'm doing a research on how or whether VB.NET has some sort of support to listen to Windows OS events and be able to take over to be the core respond to certain events raised by an OS such as Copying/Moving of file(s) to other locations.

What I mean is that, let's you are just selecting your files from file explorer an (cut,copy, sent to) or drag and drop to the destination, normally a Windows File Copier will detect/get this event and will pop up on screen and you can see the progress of copying/moving of your files.

If you install TeraCopy this software will take over from Windows File Copier now the core file copier will be TeraCopy.

So what I'm asking is that does VB.NET support this kind of events and if it does which maybe API I can use to achieve this.

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Thank you, that really helped, but the only problem now is that all the examples and documentations I saw only demonstrate how to copy/move/delete/rename files using the GUI where you either have to type the full paths for both target and destination, or browse using either Folder/File browser tool.

What I want is to auto pick these values let's say (on my Desktop I drag a file 'test.txt' I drag it to drive 'D:\' which D:\ is the destination how could I auto pick these without browsing/typing the full paths)? I don't want this to have user interface or user interaction but it will prompt user should there be a duplicates.

Thank you again.

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