I have high hopes for the Swift programming language, the presentation showed a lot of potentials for this language in apple keynote, just a question do you guys think swift will come to windows in an IDK soon?

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In the Windows world Swift/Xcode would have to compete with the combination of C# and Visual Studio, that might be too much of an obstacle.

You can test drive Swift on Windows using the playground at

We will have to see how well Swift does in the Linux environment this fall. The other problem is that Swift is a rapidly developing language that has had major improvements with each version. Once the versions stabilize, I can see some of the talented folks at Apple working on a Windows release simply because of the volume of demand.

so basicly we are limited to used it in a virtual machine

If you are on the Windows OS, you have to wait. You could use C# that has some of the features of Swift. I am not sure if C# has touchscreen apps ability?

If you do a lot of scientific programming, then Python has a leg up on Swift.

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